The Stump          

The Wodonga Hockey Club is proud to have the Blazing Stump as a major sponsor again this year!
Boasting a 400 seat bistro, spacious sports bar with full TAB, beer garden, 100 seat outdoor dining deck, kids play centre, drive thru bottle shop, Drive Thru Pizza, function room with private bar and Kids Play Center  the Blazing Stump Hotel can offer you the complete dining and entertainment experience. It has to be seen to be believed!!

See you all at the Stump!

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Linfox has grown from humble beginnings to become the largest privately owned logistics company in Australia. Lindsay Fox began his business in Melbourne in 1956 with one truck, delivering soft drinks in the summer months and fuel in winter.

Today the massive Linfox Logistics business operates more than 3.8 million square meters of warehousing and nearly 5,000 vehicles across 10 countries. In 2008 Linfox established a warehouse in Wodonga and is
looking forward to supporting the local community.

Linfox will be supporting our objective to grow both our Junior and Senior Membership base in 2017 http://www.linfox.com/


Hume Bank 

Rather than being owned by profit driven shareholders, as a customer owned bank all benefits of banking are returned to customers. Customers benefit with great savings rates, low loan rates and no monthly account fees. For nearly 60 years community values, friendly service, competitive products and customer convenience have, and will continue to be at the heart of Hume’s existence.

“Hume is who we are, Bank is what we do”

Hume Bank - Onboard


Supaturf is an Australian owned and operated company that develops and distributes line marking machines, accessories and liquids for turf (such as sport fields, courts, and residential lawns) and hard surfaces. We have a wide range of line marking machines each with their own list of features that are easy to use and provide precise results every time! Our product range of line marking and line removing liquids is eco-friendly, cost effective, and highly pigmented in which we have a multitude of colours to choose from


974 Carcoola St  North Albury 02 60404808

Noel Petts Plumbing

All your plumbing needs

0414 398 850



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