Fees and Charges

We strive to keep operations streamlines to keep costs as low as possible for you. You can see the current prices below. Online Payment available for your convenience. Fee’s include uniform, insurance, rego & weekly turf fee’s.                                                                                                  

  1. Two payment methods are available – Paid in FULL by round 4 2019 or 22 week ‘Payment plan’ (start payments by 15th March 2019). If you need to arranged a different payment plan contact the treasurer or those experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to see the treasurer as soon as possible so that a suitable arrangements can be made.  Those players not abiding by the above conditions will be restricted from playing. Details of financial/payment arrangements will be treated in strict confidence. 
  2. Students include full-time secondary school students up to and including Year 12. Students also include full-time Tertiary & TAFE students
  3. Goalkeepers that provide their own equipment will get a discounted subscription. Should a goal keeper that provides their own equipment play on the field an additional $12 is required per match. If the goalkeeper is using club equipment full subscriptions are required. 
  4. The club can restrict non-financial members from taking the field.


Note includes: 1. Affiliation 2. Insurance to HV 3. Uniforms 4. All game fees 5. Training Fees 6. HAW fees

Membership Type Registration Fee


Student – playing Junior & Senior


Student – playing Senior Only


Senior+ Veterans  $726
Veterans  $400


Student – playing Senior & 2 x Junior 


Junior x 2 teams $250
Come & Try $60
Social  $20
Only U10’s    (no Come & Try) $100
U10’s from Come & Try $40


  1. 2 free games will be given for paying direct to bank.
  2. First payment must be made by 15/3/19 (each week thereafter) with 22 weekly payments – Last payment will happen on 9th Aug 2019
  3. Payments must not stop – “must be made each week”.
  4. Refunds will be given if you have not played all games (excluding the 2 free games)
  5. A card will be issued for you to hand to manager to click off games.

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