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If you have any inquiries, you can use the form below to get in touch with Wodonga Hockey Club. 

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President Kyle Brereton 0418 218 238
Vice President Ben Warhurst 0459 813 508
Secretary Vanessa Flanagan 0437 263 114
Ass. Secretary Kerry Devereaux 0437 208 300
Treasurer Kieran McQuilton 0437 390 156
Ass. Treasurer Nathaniel Anderson 0448 984 981
Child Protection Officer Clinton Wilson 0402 806 441
Umpire Coordinator Fiona Binyon 0400 640 048


You can connect with us on Facebook and contact us by leaving a post on our page. We monitor closely and will reply promptly to any communication left on Facebook. If you have something related to the club to share, we may share this to help spread the word.

Mail:    Wodonga Hockey Club Inc.   P.O. Box 652   Wodonga VIC 3689

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