Senior Presentation Night – 2018

Senior Presentation Night – 2018

Senior Presentation Night – 2018

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Held Saturday 22 September at Huon Hill Wodonga – an exquisite venue and we were certainly well looked after.

Our thanks to Alan Warhurst who was MC for the night ensuring that all ran to schedule, also making sure we all had loads of fun.

Our life members in attendance were Kyle Brereton, Marg Brown, Elaine Behrens, Dawn George, Ian & Denise Livingstone, Mat & Dell Poppins, Marg Darmody, Yvonne Wolfe & Kaye Fleming with apologies from Justin Wilson.

Elaine Behrens Rookie Emily Hunter
Myer Endeavour Grace Oswald
George Family Shield Coach of the year Craig Pontt
Marg Darmody Best Club Person Glenn Delaney
Jan Hynes Manager of the Year Brylee Gallagher
Noel Mason Youth Encouragement Award Shaun Flanagan & Alicia Wilson


Legend Status Award!
1.  Craig Pontt


Team Best & Fairest R/U Best & Fairest Coaches Award
Div 1 Men Brent Innis William Clifton Michael Darmody
Div 1 Women Imogen Albon Cassandra Davis Kerry Deveraux
Div 2 Men Mack McQuilton Michael Crellin Ryan Forster
Div 2 Women Sandi Williams Alicia Wilson Krystle Powell
Div 3 Men Phil McQuilton Andrew Hynes Craig Mundy
Div 3 Women Mel Pontt Nicole Hart Brooke Hardie
Masters Ladies Susan Curby Shannon Webb Melinda Carlyle


Team Best & Fairest R/U Best & Fairest Coaches Award
U16 Boys Aaron Sonter Tasman Kearney Indigo Walker-Stelling
U16 Girls Hayley Hart Rylee Pontt Eliza Brown
U14 Boys Seth Albon Lincoln Reed Michael Seymour
U14 Girls Letesha O’Halloran Faith Wolter Eliza Brown
U12 Boys Kane Leach Tate Bevan Henry Dunstan
U12 Girls Faith Delaney Jardine Beuerle Isabelle Noble


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