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Name Age Nickname The best thing about playing hockey Favourite superhero Favourite food
Clancy 6 … BUT turning 7 None (turned down Matt’s suggestion of ‘Killer Clancy’) Tackling and passing the ball to your mates. The Flash (Clancy is also very fast) Banana



Name Nickname Favourite food Favourite superhero Favourite TV show Special on field move How much do you love to win?
Chloe None (yet) Carbonara Wonder Woman Bondi Rescue (likes the rescuing) None (yet) “Not much. I don’t upstage the others”



Name Nickname What do you love about hockey? Favourite superhero Favourite TV show
Sebastian Baz (most people call him that) The matches (you can go around people and score some goals) Batman (loves the black suit) Mr Maker

Our U10’s say Happy Birthday to Lu!

Name Nickname How long have you been playing What do you love about hockey? Do you like to win? Have you ever scored a goal Favourite superhero
Chloe Chlo This is my 4th term It’s like playtime – you get to run around with your friends. Sometimes Yep…it’s fun Superman or Wonder Woman!


Name Age How long have you been playing Favourite food Favourite superhero What’s better, school or hockey
Sienna 9 2 year Do lollies count? ( yes they do) Wonder woman. I like how she saves everyone and I saw her at Movie World. Can’t decide

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